Erin is mother again!! 

I’m so happy  This time I also choseed great dog who is a Working Champion and also Show Champion of many countries. He is an European Winner 2017! But first of all he is a sweet& kind dog with very stable charakter – for me it is most important. 
In puppies pedigree you can find so many fantastic show&working dogs from differnt lines. From Erin’s side you can see Hungarian lines (Malomkozy) and Czech lines ( ze Stipek). From Nok’s side – Italian & Austrian bloodlines. In this combination is very far inbred ( in 4th&5th generation) – on Malomkozy line.
All dogs from this pedigree are great but 3 of them are my favourite. 
-Malomkozy Joker – Erin’s grandfather – European Winner – very strong -boned dog;
-Tor ze Stipek – another Erin’s grandfather – absolutly great show&working dog, I am tottaly in love with his head and expression – I can see it in Erin and in her puppies 
-Isha Moon Eyes – Nok’s mother – she is from my favourite Moon Eyes litter – Show&Working champion with very special face expression and dark pigment that I like very much.